Smart Health Ltd

We are based in Mauritius and developing mobile health applications that are being used globally. Founded by two medical doctors with passion in computer programming and electronics, Smart Health is an agile enterprise that provides a user-centric approach in software development.




Mobile Health Applications

Smart Health is specialised in development of mHealth applications. We understand the socio-technical design and impact that well-designed applications can have on healthcare.

Here is a list of the applications we have developed so far:

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Doctor Assistant (4661 downloads)

Medical Toolbox (4811 downloads)

Medical Council (Mauritius) App (971 downloads)

MySwan (18,000 downloads)

More than 28,000 downloads across the world and rising !


Enterprise Dashboards

Healthcare is a data driven field. Our enterprise dashboards ensures that you have the right data at the right time to make the right choice. We provide tailor-made business intelligence and key performance indicators that will support your growth.


Rapid Prototyping

Smart Health has a team of skilful developers that build native Android and Apple iOS applications. Our team also develops for Windows and MacOS. We use high end cloud services to deliver services globally.


Global Network

Smart Health collaborates with a global network of eHealth leaders and our applications have been downloaded worldwide. In blue are the areas of the world where our applications are currently being used.


December 2016


National ICT Business Idea Grand Winner

Smart Health Ltd wins first prize of the National ICT Business Idea Competition organised by the National Computer Board (NCB) and Ministry of ICT & Innovation of Mauritius.

Grand Prize Award

November 2016


European Telemedicine Innovation Competition

Smart Health Ltd is among the the Top 3 finalists for the European Telemedicine Innovation Competition in Norway, Oslo. It is the first time an African startup made it so far in that competition.

ETC Finalists

October 2016


Launch Medical Council (Mauritius) App

The Medical Council (Mauritius) App enhances the communication channel between the council and healthcare professionals. The application shows an updated list of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events across the island. The application is available on Android and Apple iOS. A push notification feature is integrated and can be used in case of health emergency crisis to send critical information at the point of care.


April 2016


The Entrepreneurial Jump

Dr. Bholah Amal and Dr. Beharee Kemley incorporated Smart Health Ltd in Mauritius. Inspired by the successes of their application they decided to dedicate their career to develop mobile health applications for making an impact on a global scale.

Amal Kemley

December 2015


ITU Recognition and Turbine Business Idea Competition

The founders presented an academic paper on their research for mobile health applications at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Kaleidoscope Conference in Barcelona. The paper titled “Mauritius eHealth – Trust in the Healthcare Revolution” is the first academic paper on eHealth for Mauritius.

They also won the 3rd Prize for the Turbine Business Idea competition in Mauritius.


July 2015


GES - President Barack Obama

Smart Health Card project was developed and presented to the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Competition. Dr. Bholah Amal was invited to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Nairobi, Kenya to attend the speech of President Barack Obama.


March 2015


World Health Organization (WHO)

Doctor Assistant Application gets published on the first page of the WHO Compendium of Innovative Health Technologies for Low Resource Settings.


September 2014


Commonwealth Scholarship

Dr. Bholah Amal wins Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship to study MSc Global eHealth from the University of Edinburgh. eHealth is a rapidly growing exciting and innovative interdisciplinary field concerned with the use of digital information and communications technologies (ICT) in the contexts of health service management, patient care delivery, citizen-centred health and healthcare research.


March 2014


Launch of our first Apps

Dr. Bholah Amal and Dr. Beharee Kemley coded Doctor Assistant and Medical Toolbox. These might be the first ever applications coded entirely by medical doctors in the world. 

Amal Kemley