Doctor Assistant

Doctor Assistant

A free easy-to-use EMR App published on First page of WHO Compendium of Innovative Health Technologies for Low Resource Settings 2014.



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Doctor Assistant is a free easy-to-use Electronic Medical Record (EMR) app, that helps health professional stay organized and improve productivity. It is an app that turns your coveted smartphone/tablet into a powerful medical tool. Designed to fit your busy schedule, you will find a sleek, user-friendly interface that will boost your efficiency. The history template provide will help you enter essential data regarding patient management.

Key features

1. Easily create, store and retrieve patient health record
2. Paperless professional tool for efficiency
3. History template will help reduce risk of medical errors
4. Schedule patient next appointment on android calendar
5. Slider menu for easy navigating throughout application
6. All patient record are tagged automatically with date and time stamp
7. Progress notes: when your patient come for next appointment, monitor health progress.
8. Biodata is autofilled as well as date and time for new appointment
9. Secure application with password
10. Backup data on SD card or add to your Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail or laptop via sharewifi
11. Import data from other devices easily
12. Light weight software design which do not impair on device resources

The application is free and can be used for unlimited data entry.


Doctor Assistant


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