Smart Health Ltd First Anniversary

27 April 2017

As, Smart Health Ltd, celebrates its first anniversary, we wish to thank all our users and supporters who gave us the opportunity to make a difference in their life. We launched Smart Health Ltd last year on 27th April 2016 and used our own personal savings for past 15 months since we left our clinical job in January 2016. We did not take any salary from the company and focused only on making our brainchild, Smart Health, grow. In this 1 year of existence, we accomplished amazing things which we feel proud to share with you. In 2014, we coded our first application, Doctor Assistant. Following that came an amazing learning journey to launch a viable enterprise.

Two medical doctors, passionate about computer programming and electronics, embarked on a challenge to make healthcare services more accessible, affordable and efficient. Learning to code in our free time and using Internet resources, we designed and coded our applications taking care to cater for the users requirements. Three years later our applications have an impressive user adoption and more than 10,000 downloads across the world.

Who said, we need to be in Silicon Valley to do that ? We did it in the Tropical Valley of Mauritius. Never give up on your dreams ! Set achievable goals and get to work !


In blue are the areas of the world where our applications are currently being used.


Awards From Left to Right

  1. European Telemedicine Innovation Competition Top 3 Finalists (Oslo, Norway) – First ever African startup to have made it so far.
  2. Grand Prize Winner of the National ICT Business Idea Competition organized by the Ministry of ICT & Innovation, National Computer Board (NCB) and State Bank of Mauritius (SBM).
  3. Turbine Business Idea Competition (3rd Prize) – We won this prize when Smart Health was just a idea on a piece of paper.
  4. JCI Top Young Outstanding Person Award (TOYP) for Medical Innovation


Our Mission

Smart Health Ltd is the pioneering eHealth startup in Mauritius. Our aim is to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and efficient. Being medical doctors and having dealt with the intricacies of our healthcare system, we use Information Communication Technology (ICT) to bring practical solutions to solve complex problems in healthcare.

We wish to engage the talented community of software engineers and developers around the island to engage in healthcare innovation and make Mauritius a role model in eHealth for the world to follow.



About us

Working in our garage turned into office, we strive to create the best technological solutions to fix healthcare. 

On the left, Dr. Bholah Amal is the Founder & CEO. He won Commonwealth Scholarship to study MSc Global eHealth from the University of Edinburgh. He also holds an MBBS degree from SSR Medical College.

On the right, Dr. Beharee Kemley, holds an MBBS degree from SSR Medical College. He is passionate about technology and is the Steve Wozniak of healthcare. He is currently the Co-founder & CTO of Smart Health Ltd.

Story repeats itself. Just like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple in a garage, Smart Health Ltd is the “Apple of Healthcare” built in Tropical Valley.

Smart Health™ is a registered trademark owned by Smart Health Ltd which is a company in Mauritius.